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Over the past few decades, plastic has become an integral part of many aspects of technology, efficiency, safety, and society.

Hemp Plastic

Our exploration of Kentucky's expansive hemp fields inspired us to create a one-of-a-kind plastic formula,which made it to the pages of a respected journal about sustainable materials. We are using this exact recipe to produce our plastic, with our base polymer being a top-notch resin from Exxon Mobil.

We can adjust this formula to cater to your specific needs.


Oil & Gas
Water Applications
Personal Care

Our Products

Polymer Hemp aims to be a driving force in the bioplastics industry, contributing to its growth and the development of sustainable, eco-friendly materials


Biocomposites are blends of different materials used for their biocompatibility, superior mechanical properties, and biodegradability.

An organic “look of wood” communicates sustainability and practicality.

Hemp Fiber Biocomposite

Our environmentally friendly resin is ideal for high strength, low respiratory irritation and equipment wear. The renewable hemp fibers have low densities, low cost, high specific properties and their non-abrasive nature have both economic and environmental benefits in automotive, building, furniture and packaging industries.



Boards, Piping

Medical Device

Medical Healthcare

Tool, Tooth Box

Toothbrush Handles

BioHDPE composites with different proportions of hemp

Mechanical characterization of BioHDPE composites with different proportions of hemp fiber provides relevant information.

Thermomechanical Characterization

A DMA1 dynamic analyzer from Mettler-Toledo was used for dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA)

Environmentally Friendly

In recent years, the use of natural fibers as reinforcement materials has seen a significant rise. These fibers serve as strength and rigidity providers in composite materials, enhancing their overall performance. Notably, hemp-filled polypropylene has demonstrated substantial improvements in attributes such as tensile strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. At our company, we harness the maximum potential of these fibers in our compounds, ensuring superior quality and performance.